When your time is not your own..

Hey Supermoms!

First, I want to apologize for taking too long to make my second blog post.
I was so pumped up to get this blog page up and running that I didn’t know what it would take to be a first-time mother (best feeling ever!). I had so many articles to make, yet nothing was done. Why?

Because I finally gave birth after almost 40 weeks- wheew!

Yes Supermoms, last December 22,2015, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy- Lucius Ryan Lloren. 



At first, I thought I could do it all-breastfeed, change diapers and still write the articles I had in mind. I underestimated the power my son has over me and my time. Daily routines? Thrown out the door. Fixed schedules? Nope. Said goodbye to that too.

It’s amazing how this little guy was and still is, demanding so much of my time and energy.
Not that I’m complaining, no. I just realized how a mother (working or not) gives so much. To lose a business deal, a spa day or even skipping a meal because he needs you- just to make sure he gets what he needs.
You know what? It’s all worth it.

So instead of my self vow to post weekly, fast forward to 3 months (today) for my second post. Haha
I know you Supermoms out there understand that we don’t own our time anymore. We share it with our little bosses now. See how short this article is? Yup, My little one is calling.
I’ll do what I can to post more often since I have so much to share with you.


For now, I have to go and feed the little one. And remember, you’re a Mother, not a Robot..

Women– I salute you!

A mother in running heels,


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